Weapönizer - Self Titled Debut (Remastered) 2012

by Weapönizer

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Ale Wülf - Lead Guitar
Barbarian - Bass/Vox
Shag "Blaster Master" - Drums
*Deströyer - Rhythm Guitar (Joined 2014, not on this recording)

Recorded 2012 by Justin Kelly

Weapönizer hails from Denver Colorado U.S.A.,formed from past & current members of bands such as Teratism (MN/TX), Death of Self (CO), Beneath (CO), Zombie Hate Brigade (CO), Wolves of Hate (CO), Vargtimmen (CO) etc...


released June 6, 2013



Track Name: Spitfire
We will annihilate
Kill the enemy where they stand
as they run for their lives
as they wave their pitiful flag for mercy
We show no mercy to them
They are but worthless debris
The world is better for having lost them

We come from the sky
With unearthly might
To bring death and hate
To the unwashed mass
of humanity

We twist mid-air to come
in for another attack

We rain death from on high

We ride on wings of steel
Cut you down with teeth of lead
We breathe sulphur
We are the new dragons

And we spit fire!
Track Name: Human Sewer
Human Sewer
Fester in waste and filth
Spreading human disease
Receptacle for ignorance
Infecting those on their knees

All the lies / you believe
from ancient dreams / feed your fear

Rational / thought escapes
your worthless mind. / you're human waste

Paralyzed / by psychic bile
your mind rots / as you infect the weak

Suffering / unworthy cause
as the world / drowns in your filth

Walking tube of putrefaction
Spews not words; only vomit
Worthless drone indoctrinating
Empty minds with cess!

You are the human sewer!
Track Name: Black Wings of Flame
Black Wings of Flame
Dormant, Buried, Forgotten
Evil Unmatched, and waiting

Awoken, the beast

From the gates of Angband

Dark princes of

Demons of the First Age

Driving the hordes
With whip and sword

Corrupted before the world came to be
The first to know the touch of flame

Marshalls (of) the host
Go forth to war!

Cruel demons (at the) roots of the earth
The dread oppressors are coming
They ride black wings of flame
Track Name: Threatener
Whispering hate / Old men preying
On your fears
Do as they say / (or) suffer the fate
Of the damned

Desperate / To believe
Their own lies / Pathetic
Victims / Of their own weakness
Forever fearful / All slaves to the


Why do they / go to him
On bended knee? / Afraid of the lies


I will not bow to the threatener!
Track Name: Tactical Plague
Tactical Plague
Born in the lab
For one purpose
The destruction
Of the enemy

In the jungles
unsuspecting human trials

Killing agent
Uncontained; spreads like wildfire

Meant for combat
Just like Athens; bring them to their knees

Lay them cold
to the Earth. Bring sudden death to

All the world without remorse.
In the winter of the age of humanity I come forth to lay waste to you
All with disease and pestilence. You're bleeding!
I am the coming of the end of mankind. You cannot destroy me. I am come from hubris!
The tactical plague!
Track Name: I, Weaponizer
I, Weaponizer
From the Dark Continent
I come forth: Death on two legs

Toolmaker; implements for
Taking life. My fell touch will

Turn plowshares into swords
Sharpened bone becomes a spear
Axe carved from stone
None can stand before my might

I hold dominion over all
That walks upon the land
That swims beneath the waves
And takes wing to the air

I am death incarnate
Strangle life with my cold grey hands

All shall fall by my hand
I am weapon; I am man
Track Name: Pillars of Disaster
Pillars of Disaster
Kill the ones you love with no mercy!
Bringers of your ruin

Ideals and fantasies of the light
Buried forever by the mantra of hate
We uphold the philosophy of the Nine
As a platform to cast down the weak and despised

We will crush you and the ones you love with no mercy!
Suffer beneath our hands

We have come to rid the world
Of your kind for all time
Exalt the men who bring you down
We are the pillars of disaster

(Our) Hatred will tear a hole in your flesh
Bursting through your chest like a beast in frenzy
Never again will you walk the Earth
'Ever are your faces buried in dust

We have come to rid the world
Of your god for all time
Exalt the men who bring you down
We are the pillars of disaster
Track Name: Warbastard
In the dead of night he'll bring death to your people
Lays waste to your land with red flame genocide
All he sees shall bow to him by right of conquest
The bringer of the end of your sovereignty

Bow down and face your master
Mercy will not be shown
Pleading falls on deaf ears
Worthless, he will watch them

Marching through the jungles; unrelenting force
Over mountain passes, through the desert wastelands
crushing everything that rises up against him
None are safe from his unquenchable wrath

Warbastard commands us!

His troops will never leave
Loyal to the end
Warfare supremacy
To curse him is to die

Woe to all who hear the marching of his boots
Agent Orange and napalm fill the skies above

Warmaster Commando!
Track Name: Sodomy & Lust (Sodom)
Sodomy and Lust
Behind the scenes of destiny
Adore you in this song for me
Call me within your holy house to dwell
Let me raise for myself in spell
Voluptuous dancing daughters of the night sky
Sing rapturous love songs with high
Let your sweet scented juices run
Waste away under the lashes of my whip

Bath in sin
Sadistic souls
Break their crust
Sodomy and Lust

Carnal desire runs through my veins
Whipping boys and scapegoats cry in pain
Psychopathic terror during their sleep
My power asks why, my power is weak
Spineless bundles of my excess
Expurge of innocence and helplessness
In the perfumes of my secret orison
Fresh blood of children drops down on me


Madness, crime, disgrace, ptomaine
Excrements, contempt, violence, kill

Ordeals of a thousand deeds congealed in gloom
Strike hard and deep, to hell with them master
Mighty prophet's stature shall surpass the stars
My passion is the smell of cremation
I spit on crapulous creed, curse them!
Sucking you giveth delight and bright glory
Strive ever to be more joyous to death
Don't fear any god will deny you for this